Vehicle’s under chassis have 3 Main Parts:

  • Clutch
    • Connecting to Engine to Drive shaft to transmit power from the engine to each wheels.
  • Steering
    • Steering wheel, control and shoulder arm, and wheel control are the 4 parts of vehicle’s steering. The steering wheel receives the  steering action directly from the driver, The control arm transfers the movement of the steering wheel to the wheels, turning it left or right. The supporting arms stabilize the control arm, to minimize unwanted movements and vibrations. Lastly, the wheel control turns the rims left or right.
  • Suspension
    • Vehicle’s suspension has two parts work together to make your ride as stable as possible. The focus on the parts that wear out fastest. Strut connects the suspension to the kingpin/ball joint. Coil spring and shock absorber are the suspensions outside the wheel, while camber suspension is the suspension within.