• This all season economic passenger range is designed for low noise and ride with long tread life.
  • Wide circumferential grooves for enhanced water drainage and wet performance.
  • Optimized tread pitch sequence designed for low noise and comfort.
  • Full width spiral nylon cap ply ensures footprint stability and durability.


  • All season performance range is designed for comfort and low noise while offering superior wet and dry traction with good handling performance and safety under both wet and dry conditions.
  • Jointless spiral wrap full nylon cap ply technology for high speed stability and added strength.
  • Customized tread compound provides excellent grip combined with superior tread life.
  • Optimized tread compound provides superior grip and exceptional mileage and low noise.

Tire Size Fire FM601


  • Design for quite, safe and smooth driving with long even tread wear.
  • Optimized pitch arrangement and stabilized footprint design ensures excellent control under challenging road conditions.
  • Full width spiral nylon cap ply ensures footprint contact for controlled driving.

Tire Size Fire FM318


  • All season commercial tire.
  • Optimized structure and tread compound strength and durability.
  • Zig-zag pattern for excellent performance.

Tire Size Fire FM913


  • All terrain pattern design to enhance wet performance.
  • Tired groove design makes a small moving angel of the tread when concerning and the rocks off.
  • Center rib to enhance directional performance.
  • Aggressive shoulder design to improve off-the-road performance.

Tire Size Fire FM501