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We carry all sorts of tire brands and sizes that will surely fit your needs. Our selection of tires and batteries covers a wide range of vehicles including multi-cabs, taxis, sedans, passenger and delivery vans, light trucks, buses, long-haul trucks, flatbed and wing vans, forklifts, industrial and mining vehicles. And if we don't have what you are looking for, chances are it's not available in the Philippine market.

We pride ourselves in our ability to make speedy deliveries anywhere in Metro Manila. In fact, if we have your products in stock, we GUARANTEE next-day delivery for a minimum purchase. We can even do same day delivery depending on availability and schedule.  read more

Tips about Tires

Recommended Tire Usage

1. Use proper inflation pressure according to the recommended pressure. Improper   inflation    pressure

(too low or too high) will cause premature failure of tires. Increase inflation pressure in case of increasing  
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WELCOME to Denovo Express Endeavours Corporation. Your one-stop shop for all your Tire and Battery requirements!

Your Tire Information
Understanding your Tire Sizes

215 / 60 R16 (possible for Passenger, 4WD & RV and Light Commercial)

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